About me – Agustin Morelle

I am Juan Agustín. I was born on August 23rd, 1996 with my twin brother. I discovered my passion for computers at a very early age. I can remember the time I drew “my own PC” in a notebook.

When I was between 7 and 8, I broke a first computer for the first time, a Windows 98. It was my aunt’s PC. I deleted all the content in the “Program files” folder. As you may remember, there was no confirmation warning before doing so.

Years later, at high-school, I did not have many friends. I remember spending most of my break time in the IT room with Favio, my professor, talking about diverse topics related to computers.

I have to admit that, when I returned home, I didn’t study much. I just enjoyed playing games with my friends, such as World of Warcraft. Everything became a bit tough when my father forbade to use internet, so I had to actually study :(.

After finishing high-school, I did not know exactly what to study. I am one of those people who think that high-school is nothing but crap. There were only subjects which I wasn’t interested in at all.

Everything was solved when I received a call from my aunt telling me about the developer and programmer career.

That is how everything I gained in my childhood (knowledge and a particular taste for computers) took over my life.

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